Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Giving In To The Darkside

Since the first time I heard the word "blogging" I hated it. It sounds like a synonym for dry-heaving or something. Not only is the word gross, but it seems like the only real motive for anyone to "blog" is so women (and a handful of men) can prove to other families that their kids are cuter and doing cooler things than the rest of the blogging community (which I'm excited to participate in as soon as I have a family). Or in my older brother's case: take low blows at a younger brother who doesn't blog, and has no way of defending himself because he can't leave a comment without joining the dark side - aka So I've decided, after months of giving my back to the smiters, I'm gonna start my own blog (ugh, I just threw up a little in my mouth). The thing is, as a college student, I don't have many happenings to document that would be considered very "worthwhile" by most of the blogger demographic. I have no kids to make other parent's jealous with. My money isn't wasted on lush vacations or big houses (not that I could buy a house with my hourly wages), but I spend my $12-an-hour on tuition, books, computer programs and meals with a 1-to-1000 ratio (for those who don't know, thats a $1 to 1000 calorie ratio - There are only a few foods that actually achieve this... Top Ramen (especially when you get lucky and catch a 12 for a $1 sale - that actually is like a 1-to-4000 ratio which is nothing shy of a miracle, and to this day, unmatched. - Of course the Chinese would manage to pull that off - ...atleast our gymnasts were of age), cup-of-noodles, canned chili, and if I want something "made-fresh," nothing other than a pork "Carnitas" burrito from Beto's (which probably has about the same life-shortening qualities as a pack of cigarettes). So the point i'm getting at is this: In effort of finding a reason to blog other than the ability to defend myself against the eternal battle of sibling immaturity, I'm going to post some helpful "penny pinching" tips that I think even the Escalade-driving Soccer Moms can benefit from. First off... be continued shortly.